U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

How to Remove a PIV or CAC Card

This job aid assists users on how to remove a PIV or CAC card from their XMS account.

If you want to replace a PIV or CAC credential rather than remove it, refer to the "How to Replace an Existing PIV or CAC Card" job aid.

NOTE: If you are accessing XMS on a mobile device, you will not be able to perform PIV/CAC removal. Log into XMS on a desktop to continue.

  1. Log into XMS (https://xms.hhs.gov) using one of the methods presented on the login page. For quick and easy access to your applications, add this page to your browser favorites or create a desktop shortcut.

    XMS login page

  1. From your dashboard, select the "My Profile" link (located in the top-right corner).

    XMS user dashboard with 'My Profile' link highlighted

  1. Locate your PIV/CAC card in the “Security Key Details” section and click “View.” Then, click the "Remove" button.

    NOTE: Depending on the type of security key, the details displayed might be slightly different.

    Security Key Details with 'Remove' button highlighted

  1. A pop-up window is displayed with a detailed list of the PIV/CAC card’s information. To confirm removal of the PIV/CAC credentials from the account, click "Remove."

    Remove Security Key Credential pop-up window with the 'Remove' button highlighted

  2. A confirmation pop-up is displayed to affirm the PIV/CAC card has been successfully removed from the account. The card’s information will no longer be displayed in the "PIV or CAC Details" section.

    Credential Removal Successful pop-up window

    NOTE: You will no longer be able to log into XMS using the removed PIV/CAC credentials.